About Us

How it all started… The MyHome concept was originally devised & created by Unilever in the late 1990s. Following an investment of £5 million and extensive research and development, the service was launched into the UK in March 2000.

Unilever’s detailed research resulted in a unique methodical approach to create a precise cleaning technique giving an unparalleled “best in class” clean & extremely high consistency. Although the original MyHome formula was developed by Unilever more than 15 years ago, it remains remarkably unchanged today.

In the development of MyHome, every aspect of the cleaning operation was forensically dissected from identifying the optimum cleaning process via time and motion studies, through to examining the smallest basic fundamentals, such as ensuring there is no cross contamination of cleaning materials using a unique Tri-Colour cleaning system. The result is a unique domestic cleaning service which delivers a very high quality clean appealing to the most discerning of clients. MyHome is clearly positioned in the marketplace as a premium quality service with functional superiority versus competitor offerings.

MyHome today:

As part of the Franchise Brands PLC Group of companies, MyHome joins leading service providers ChipsAway and Ovenclean, and together they have a collective trading history of over 50 years and a combined worldwide network of more than 350 specialists.