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With almost 27 million households in the UK, and over 2.5 million of them employing, or considering employing domestic help, the domestic cleaning sector is certainly a huge market – especially considering that the number of families employing some form of domestic help is increasing year on year.

A recent survey discovered that almost a quarter of those who pay for domestic cleaning say they do so because they ‘simply don’t like doing domestic chores’. Nearly a third said they did not have time to complete the tasks themselves, suggesting that many believe professional cleaning is now an affordable necessity, rather than a luxury.

There is no doubt the domestic cleaning market is expanding rapidly as increasingly busy consumers are prepared to pay more for products that make life easier, with cash-rich, time-poor households spending billions of pounds annually making their lives easier.

The market is currently largely satisfied by either ‘independent operators’ or small localised businesses that will turn their hand to any type of cleaning – domestic or commercial, whereas MyHome occupies the ‘top end’ of this market where clients will pay a premium for a professional service.

Extensive demographic analysis shows MyHome customers are predominantly senior executives, dual working households, young people in their 20s and 30s who are in the early stages of building their careers, people living in urban rental hubs, renting from private landlords, and affluent mature customers.

We understand our customers exacting standards and ensure that our franchise partners provide a home cleaning service that is second to none.

Our franchisees cleaning teams are highly trained, full-time professionals; totally reliable, fully insured and DBS checked. They are supplied with the latest equipment and professional cleaning products and use our exclusive Tri-Colour System, developed by Unilever, which ensures a perfect, hygienic clean each and every time!

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Franchise Success Stories...

Since setting up our Myhome business over 10 years ago it has grown month on month, even during the current economic conditions! From the outset we had terrific support from the Myhome team and we know that we can count on their considerable knowledge and experience as we build the business. The distinctive Myhome branding and Tricolour Operating System ensures we are at the forefront of the continuously expanding and lucrative domestic cleaning marketplace.
Niall Power, MyHome North London