The Systems

Combining your management skills with our experience!

At the heart of the MyHome Franchise Programme are our ‘Pilot Operations’ which were initially used to develop the operating systems for every aspect of managing a MyHome business.

The result is a turnkey operating system available exclusively to our MyHome Franchise Partners providing strong foundations for the growth of successful residential cleaning businesses.

Tri-Colour cleaning system

This system is an organised colour-coded plan that lets your cleaning staff know exactly what to do in each room of the house, on every visit. It organises and streamlines their work whilst saving time and ensuring a quality clean.

The People

MyHome understands that hiring and managing staff may be new to you. To provide peace of mind, we provide access to a Human Resources System which not only includes help with hiring and managing staff, but also insurance and health and safety.

Our distinctive MyHome branding, featured on vehicles, staff uniforms and cleaning materials, is designed to uphold staff loyalty, making them feel part of a professional team and ensuring they are easily recognisable to both existing and potential new customers.

The Brand

As a premium brand, it is essential that the quality of the MyHome service is reflected in all dealings with our customers. This process starts from initial customer contact and follows through to the delivery of a first class MyHome residential cleaning service.


This is a key feature within the MyHome system. We have a tried and tested Marketing and Initial Launch Programme that includes:

  • New customer acquisition
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales lead management
  • Client loyalty programmes

Franchise Success Stories...

Since setting up our Myhome business over 10 years ago it has grown month on month, even during the current economic conditions! From the outset we had terrific support from the Myhome team and we know that we can count on their considerable knowledge and experience as we build the business. The distinctive Myhome branding and Tricolour Operating System ensures we are at the forefront of the continuously expanding and lucrative domestic cleaning marketplace.
Niall Power, MyHome North London